Allen Iverson Ready to Return to the NBA

In a recent interview with Slam Magazine Allen Iverson apologized for being a jerk all these years and says he would like to finish his career in the NBA if they’ll have him back…

AI: I want to finish my career out in the NBA, if that’s possible. And that’s in any capacity. I did a lot of things, I made a lot of mistakes as far as my actions and things that I’ve said, and I think that was the reason for me not being in the NBA. My whole thing now in trying to get back is letting any organization know that I’m willing to play any part that they want me to play.

SLAM: You watching any Playoff ball and thinking, “Damn, I should be out there?”

AI: You know what, it’s hard. It’s hard to watch. Like, I try to watch it and then at times you’re watching and you get emotional and I get away from it, have a little moment by myself or to myself, and then I try to get back and watch it. I mean, it’s basketball—what I love. It’s what I was born to do. So it’s hard to watch, but it’s hard not to watch.

SLAM: What’s drawing you back out on the court? Just a love for the game?

AI: [Long pause; starts to choke up] I love to play basketball. I’ve always said, If I can’t do what I’m accustomed to doing out there on the basketball court, I’ll leave it alone. If I can’t be effective and help my team win basketball games out there, than I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to play the game that I feel like I’m the best in and go out there and not play like that, not feel like I’m that person. I don’t think it would be fair to my fans, my team, my organization, nothing. But when I look at basketball and when I know what I can do on the basketball court, it’s just hard knowing that I went through a whole NBA season and didn’t play when I know how much I can play. I’ll play for a team in any capacity just to get back out there doing what I love to do.

 Anonymous said…

dude must be really be broke for real. I wish him well.

7:49 AM

Anonymous said…

Man this dude burned so many bridges being a 24 carat asshole! I use to be a huge fan of his

8:19 AM

Anonymous said…

We get second, third, fourth, etc chances in life and AI deserves another chance as well. If what he is saying is true, I’m glad that he’s maturing. Being HUMBLE is where its at.

8:40 AM

Anonymous said…

I feel zero sympathy for this dude. After being granted clemency. By Virginia Governor Wilder. After John Thompson gave him the hook up with the Hoyas. Iverson still kept acting like everyone owed him. This man had so many wonderful chances for freedom and fame, now at 36 he wants back in to the NBA. Didn’t he get busted for guns a while back?
Negro please.

9:03 AM

Anonymous said…

well well I guess someone will start practicing now. IDIOT!

9:52 AM

Same $hit, Different Day… said…

So he went overseas, ate a huge slice of humble pie, and drank a glass of “ack right”.

Before, he didn’t want to play the bench, and now he will take NBA minimum wage.


9:55 AM

Anonymous said…

hahaha tek that bitch

10:09 AM


leave him wherever he is…please.

10:14 AM

Anonymous said…

This one is a wuzzzzy because these young players think YT wont dismiss their asses and bullshit after so long of putting up with it. THEY WILL!! And they DID. Ask dennis Rodman and so many others. I too was a fan of this clown when he first started. Now his ass is broke and want a second chance of playing. I figure like this, if your ass going to act a fool and not listen, atleast have money to fall back for life. Invest and stop spending it up on bullshit. He has to be broke by now and probably dont own a got dam thing. I will say that Dennis did invest his. Iverson you need to go apply at mcdonalds son!!

10:15 AM

Anonymous said…

Wow so this is what one year of playing for the Turkish Ottamans will do to ya huh? SMH.
I can’t think of one team that would want him. not even the Raptors.

10:20 AM

Capria30 said…

He really needs to fade away quietly.

10:27 AM

Malika the Slutty Prudesaid…

it’s not just the money or playing he wants back. he wants the fame, the groupies, the comped meals, he wants the brown nosers, the big houses, hotel suites filled with hoes, he wants to not have to worry about where his next major check is coming from.

10:28 AM


well he broke, not famous any more, unemployed and uneducated….. he take any nba job now !!

10:43 AM

Anonymous said…

Urhhmmm, WHY?

11:46 AM

Anonymous said…

Kick rocks nigga! No team needs you!

12:13 PM


Kick rocks n*gga!!

12:52 PM

Anonymous said…

I never been in2 b-ball like that but how did he get kicked out the NBA!? Someone please?

1:09 PM

where’s my stimulus?said…

if you ever seen ESPN 30 for 30 flick:
“No Crossover-The Trial of Allen Iverson” he was lucky to get the chance he got…he was in jail BEFORE he got to college…now he Antoine Walker broke…

2:48 PM

where’s my stimulus?said…

oh, 1:09PM…he pissed away so many chances from high school all the way thru his time in the NBA, nobody wants him anymore…and he doesn’t improve the team he’s on…but generally improves attendance…

2:51 PM

Anonymous said…

1:09, he didn’t get “kicked out” — he kept complaining about his play time, position and treatment with every team that picked him up, so no team offered him another contract. The final straw for most was when he “retired” a few years back, got back into the league and started acting a clown all over again.

3:16 PM

Anonymous said…

you people are clueless. how many nba players have ever played as hard as AI? What little man you know can get u 30,40,50 pts in a game…go ahead, I’ll wait. None of yall know what goes on behind the scenes as to why he might be abrasive. You don’t down MJ for wanting to be the best, u call him competitive. You call AI an asshole. I tell you what; I rather have AI in the 4th quarter in the playoffs, then Lebron James non-killer instinct, complaining, wanna be like Mike punk ass. Lebron doesn’t have the heart or the discipline to be great, AI does.

4:02 PM

Anonymous said…

that’s absolutely true (if this was 1996)
let’s see his rangs i’ll wait…

4:22 PM

Anonymous said…

@4:02 You must not have seen AI play his last couple of years. He is NOT what he use to be. He plays absolutely NO defense and can’t hit a jump shot to save his life, of course he’ll take any job now.

5:21 PM

Anonymous said…

AI is mo used up now than Bron’s moms by the time she was 15

5:28 PM

Anonymous said…

i love how people dont humble themselves when they’re hot. instead they get to smelling themselves and acting ignorant.

no dude, they’re not letting you back in the NBA. reason being, them damn cornrolls. WE CAN’T, you’re stuck in a time capsule, and surely you’re gonna bring back that bad attitude. go on and retire and think what could’ve been. people aren’t even interested in seeing him as a commentator. washed up, game over, literally.

5:43 PM

Anonymous said…

What a difference a year makes. AI found out life and the nba still goes on with you or without you.

10:25 PM

Anonymous said…

When keeping it realmgoes wrong. If he had practiced and worked on his game he might have some skills to make up for the athleticism he lost as he got older. He’s incapable of helping a team now.

10:45 PM

Bee Geesaid…

I remember an old teammate of Iverson’s talking about the time he bought a house from AI. He said the house was a little messy, but the striking thing is that there was money ($10s, $20s, and $50s) just laying in various parts of the house like stray pennies.

AI’s story of one of a nigga that never fully appreciated the opportunities he was so lucky to get.

11:56 PM

Anonymous said…

Read that interview and picture Oprah holding Allen’s hand while he composes himself. Hey David Stern, give Allen “closure” with an NBA contract. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

LMAO at the thug negro who gets emo when the funds hit zero.

From the 76ers to Turkey. Damn. Spain maybe. Greece even. But Turkey?!?!? Double damn.

6:09 AM


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