Hand Jobs: 10 Awesome Pimp Slaps In Movies And TV

Working on a pop culture site, you naturally receive tons of pre-theatrical release movie screeners and free advance DVD copies—it’s what we like to call “swag,” bitches (don’t be jealous). And, every once in a while, a new disc will pop up in our mailroom that introduces us to an obscure flick we’d otherwise never know about; case in point, Sledgehammer, a little-seen slasher movie from 1983 that, as the synopsis on the back of the DVD case informed us, was shot on video tape.

Fascinated, we wanted to get a taste of what Sledgehammer has to offer, so we consulted trusty old YouTube. What we came across lifted an otherwise dismissible ’80s horror flick to pure guilty pleasure. The first clip we found culminates with a creepy kid giving the film’s hero a mighty face slap, needlessly presented in slow motion. And just like that, we fell in love with Sledgehammer.

After re-watching the scene a few times, and laughing our asses off with each viewing, we started to think about some other great blows to people’s mugs. So, kicked off by Sledgehammer’s aforementioned moment of illogical excellence, we’re about to brighten your day with 10 Awesome Pimp Slaps In Movies And TV. Because, let’s be honest—who doesn’t enjoy watching others get cheek-checked every now and then?



well, u smoke crack, dont’cha ?

Lean On Me (1989)

Morgan Freeman’s take on real life school principal Joe Clark in the film Lean On Me helped propel Freeman to Hollywood stardom.

In this classic scene from Lean On Me, Freeman confronts a troublemaking student who Clark learns has a crack problem.

Freeman starred as high school principal Joe Clark in 1989’s ‘Lean on Me.’ The film was based on a real-life Paterson, N.J. high school

” they used to call me  ‘crazy Joe’, now they can call me  ‘Batman’ “.


(one of) The 50 Worst Actors In Hollywood History

Worst Performances: The Animal (2001), The Benchwarmers (2006), I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry (2007), Big Stan (2008)


Rob Schneider is the Memphis Bleek of Hollywood, a lower-tier performer who’ll keep getting work as long as his primetime friend (Adam Sandler, rather than Jay-Z) never retires. He’s Sandler’s go-to guy when a racial stereotype needs abusing. By exaggerating every stereotype hurled at the respective culture imaginable, Schneider has shamed the following: Asians (I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry), Pacific Islanders (50 First Dates), and Arabs (You Don’t Mess With The Zohan). Now that‘s a trilogy of terror.


The 50 Most Racist Movies

Complex runs down the flicks that you might not have realized were wildly offensive. Turn on your racist radars, people!

(click above pic for full article)


complex’ 50 most stylish villains of all time


F a hero, if you want to talk about truly slick sartorial game and genuine fashion flair it’s all about the crooked, evildoing bad guys. In celebration of all smarmy dudes from oily, dream-killing kabillionaires like Simon Cowell to sticking-up-septuagenarians-to-stunt-in-Savile-Row-suits-types like Conrad Black; and the iconic blue-and-white banker button-ups of Gordon Gekko to the aspirational T-shirt game of Tyler Durden, we got it all. So as an homage to homicidal lunacy, sociopathic money grubbing, the unmistakably bespoke break of a cashmere pant leg, AND this weekend’s release of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps (!!!!), we bring you The 50 Most Stylish Villains


Marked For Death

Steven Seagal plays a cop who confronts a voodoo priest, Screwface, and his Jamaican Posse, a cartoonish gang of dreadlocked drug dealers who have been shooting up the hood and stringing out school kids. After painting peace-loving Rastafarians as a snarling, dope-dealing menace—and putting out his horrific reggae album, Songs from the Crystal Cave—the ponytailed one can’t ever show his face in Jamrock again. 


seven pounds

drive, or use ure cellphone.  pick 1… just 1.


ninja assassin & hurt locker


cee them


cee it!

‘Avatar’ Is Officially The Highest Grossing Movie Ever!

It was only a matter of time, but now, James Cameron’s Avatar has officially become the highest grossing movie of all-time, upstaging the director’s last film … 1997’s Titanic.

After topping the box office for six consecutive weeks, the sci-fi epic sunk the boat on Monday (January 25), raking up a total of $1.85 billion in ticket sales, edging Titanic’s $1.84 billion. Also, it was done in less than 40 days.

While Avatar’s worldwide totals are the most ever, it’s domestic take of $554.9 million still slightly trails Titanic’s $600.7 million, but overseas it has taken in slightly more, $1.30 billion to the earlier film’s $1.24 billion.

According to the L.A. Times, the 1997 flick still wins in terms of the number of the number of actual people who went and saw the film.

The paper says that, domestic ticket sales for “Avatar” would have to reach $925 million in today’s dollars to match, on an inflation-adjusted basis, the box office that Titanic achieved in 1997. Given the current estimated average ticket prices of $7.46, Avatar still needs to sell about 50 million more tickets before it matches the inflation-adjusted domestic gross of Titanic.

That may still be a shot in the dark though.

Wow … has anyone not seen this movie yet?




. . . scary

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