The Secret to a Happy Marriage

In the current issue of Uptown Magazine Jada Pinkett Smith shares the secret behind the success of her 14 year marriage…

Pinkett Smith admits that the couple’s public perception is vastly different than their reality.

“People think that Will and I don’t spend a lot of time together. Too much time, actually, if you ask me,” she says with a laugh.

“It’s always nice to have a little time apart. Sometimes you need that.”


Anonymous said…

please the secret to your marriage is swinging and strap ons

4:38 PM

Anonymous said…

dats no secret, the secret to their marriage is that they believe in swinging…they are swingers!!!

4:42 PM

nba is fixed said…

According to Jada, the secret to a happy marriage is letting your DL husband fuck other guys. Fuck Jada and the entire hollywood satanic cult! Michael Ovitz was right, hollywood is the gay mafia!

4:43 PM

Anonymous said…

R U Married Snitch?

4:47 PM

Briella~ said…

*crickets* This little man needs to fade into oblivion. I used to ride for Jada back on A Different Role and her friendship with Pac, but this bitch is weak. She’s never been an A-List actress, and the ONLY reason she’s getting ANY shine is because of Will.

4:50 PM

Briella~ said…

A Different World* (lol)^^^^^

4:50 PM

Anonymous said…

This known carpet muncher has the nerve to talk about happy marriage, when they both known to fuck other people. Stfu already lady, No wonder marriage today is a fucking joke, thanks to known swingers like these hollyweird clowns right here.. Smh!!

4:51 PM

Anonymous said…

*cric…forget it. Briella~ said what I wanted to say.

4:56 PM

TAMU said…


4:56 PM

Anonymous said…

I cannot STAND this troll! She’s one of those celebs I wish would fall off the face of the earth. I just never liked her.

5:03 PM

Anonymous said…

is she a veteran of the casting couch? because i don’t tink this chick can act AT ALL. she’s like a shorter halle berry acting-wise to me.

5:05 PM

Anonymous said…

The secret to a happy marriage according to the “Smiths” is to keep talking about the “secret to a happy marriage” and how you have sex in unexpected places and are interested sometimes in other people, blah, blah, blah.

Wish she would shut up! Like a little yapping junk yard dog! No one cares how you managed to stay “Mrs. Willard Smith” for so long. Damn! We REALLY don’t care.

5:10 PM

Anonymous said…

why she feels like always giving people advice,sometimes in a elitist manner is beyond me. jada girl don’t give advice without being asked

5:13 PM

Anonymous said…

whatever Jada,
you live in a different world than where we come from, so keep entertaining readers with your delusions.

5:37 PM

Anonymous said…

Jada sit your old, b-more, bama ass down. I am getting sick to death of hearing about how well your marriage works. Stop giving me advice about keeping my marriage strong. From what everyone says you married a homosexual, hell you one. The only reason why he married you in the first place is because your ass got pregnant. Wow Jada, you really have a lot of valuable information to give like, how to trap a rich fag in 7 steps. Bish, please.

6:33 PM

Anonymous said…

i wouldnt feel comfortable in a relationship like jada’s. she’s a lesbian and wll go both ways. thats what she really want to say

6:50 PM

Anonymous said…

bitch bye with your unsolicited advice. the real advice should go like this :how to scratch knuckle and bite to marry a rich man and push out some kids by him, then flip your money by turning the kids into cash cows. wow keep laying them golden eggs girl *wink*


7:07 PM

Briella~ said…

Lol @ 4:56…

7:20 PM

Anonymous said…

why is it that everyone on this site hates happily married black women? Jada and Beyonce…


7:27 PM

Anonymous said…

bayarea you notice that too? i mean all kinds of folks was big uppin Dwade for talking sly about his estranged ex and the fact that he takes care of his kids…

Some of y’all need to “relax, relate, release” that shit is classic!

7:42 PM

Anonymous said…

fuck these two freaks i mean really.

8:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Grant Hill dumped her ass then she latched onto the ambiguously ‘straight’ Will b/c he ‘likes’ only LSLH females

8:10 PM

Quiana said…

Yeah whatever Jada and I wish you quit talking about sex. Your marriage child please with all of that, your ass is unhappy for real because your man is on the DL for real and your ass is a lebo.

8:39 PM

Anonymous said…

“The woman doth protest too much,”~Shakespeare ……this means when a person boasts redundantly ,there is something LACKIN,SLACKIN….lol Jada you are only relevant cause of your Ho I mean Hubbie…you look old,melanin is not saving you ,ya too thin,you look like yo had fillers in your face to make up for that gaunt look you have from the anorexia…yes bich, I know you are anorexic or bulimic

8:50 PM

Anonymous said…

Yeah she don’t eat

8:50 PM

Anonymous said…

wow, y’all need to lighten up. love the smiths…notwithstanding the TMI.

8:53 PM


Loud mouth. She acts like she’s an authority on black love. They are some Lucifer lovin,homo swinging freaks. She looks like a boy. And know Will likes that. I bet they don’t live under the same roof either.

Jada.That is not marriage,so you can’t give anyone advice weirdo.

9:42 PM

Anonymous said…

WOW it kills me to read all hate coming from so many ppl that dont even know the smith family.Everything being said about them is rumor. Dont know body on here know for a fact if those rumors are even true. Its just sad shit like this is why black are so damn lost because as soon as we see one of our own making it and happy instead of being supportive and encouraging we become hateful and jealous of one another and look for ways to tear each other down. We quick to cheer and be happy for another race but we cant seem to ever be happy for our own. I just wonder when we as a race are going to get it together when are we going to start looking out for each other and stick together like other races do. Thats why other races look at us the way they do because they understand how important it is to stick together we seem to be the ONLY race that doesnt do it.
The Smiths are a beautiful strong black family and instead of trying to tear them down for their success we should be looking to them as inspirations. I personally dont see how some of yall can wake up everyday looking for something mean negative and hateful to say about ppl.

11:09 PM

Malika the Slutty Prudesaid…

i dunno, this doesn’t seem right to me. if they’re happy, then more power to them, but it seems like the people that always think they have the key to a happy marriage are the ones that end up divorced. i remember a few years ago when my homegirl moved in with her boo and she kept saying that “marriage isn’t hard” and blah blah blah and then she left his ass before their lease was up.

and didn’t chante moore do the song “chante’s got a man at home” only to divorce kadeem hardison like a year or 2 later? the people i know that are REALLY happy in relationships never pretend to know all of the answers.

11:11 PM

Anonymous said…

Co-sign @ 11:09 black ppl as a race do seem to be very bitter and hateful especially to one another.Black men would rather date marry and have a family with every race but their own kind and the women go thru hell perming their hair wearing weave and getting plastic surgery. Its just sad because for a race that comes from greatness looking at the way black ppl act in todays world you cant tell.

11:25 PM


I’m so over her. You read one interview, you read ’em all.

11:56 PM

Anonymous said…


just because I can’t stand ONE black couple does NOT mean I don’t have love for other (or all) black couples.

12:32 AM

Bee Geesaid…

I’m all for Black Love and love period. But you don’t even have to see through Jada’s repetitive babble to run right into her sense of superiority, like her and Willard have found somethin that regular black people just can’t touch. Get the fuck outta here. If you’ve heard snippets of her interviews, you know they all sound exactly the same.

Judging from her comment, Will could probably get a kitchen pass to go beat up some other pussy right about now. All he has to do is ask her on a hallmark card with a coupon for 10 free botox facial injections inside..

1:43 AM

Anonymous said…

I really think YOU who speak NEGATIVE on JADA & WILL are missing their point ( Which I wouldnt explain SHIT to Yall if it was ME) But, Nowhere is she nor will saying that what how their living their married lives is BETTER or NORMAL for EVERYONE to like. All their saying is, The WAY THEY live their lives is (GOOD, COOL, OKAY, and RIGHT) for them. If they choose to have open sex? Then guess what? Thats okay because not just one of them agree but, They BOTH AGREE and is happy with it. Me? personally if my husband, boyfriend had sex with another chick or man? Hell yeah Id pop that ass with a iron skillet because thats not how I want our relationship to be. But if we both are cheating thinking the other wont find out then instead of sneaking why not come to an open agreement and call it OPEN SEX. Some may ask, “Then why get married?” The couple doing it may say,”Why not” cause their still married, open sex works for them, their happy, and the marriage is still going strong.
The key is, You do the things thats best for YOU and YOURS. The way people are getting busted and cheating now-a-days? (Arnold) why not find a woman LIKE JADA and many others out there who is willing to allow it? Why try to stay with a person ( Male or Female ) who keep cheating on
you when you can find someone who wont and let HER/HIM go? And women know dam well they can use their PUSSIES as a weapon when a man pisses them off and wonder why men sex someone else. Some not all. So I agree with the SMITH and any other Couple who is into open relationships. So why knock their life style?

2:15 AM

cali d… said…

she cant tell me sh!t… I been in this for 22yrs, tyvm

2:36 AM


2:15. An open marriage is NOT marriage and that is why folks are leaving these comments. Jada is a hypocrite.

They are in violation. Why did they marry to begin with?

4:34 AM

Anonymous said…

Lets face it the real key to their marriage is Jada reminds Will of a thirteen year old boy.

9:26 AM

Anonymous said…


That’s what I’m talkin bout 14 years is NOTHING you can avoid each other for 14 years! Holla back about marriage and staying together when you hit th 20yr mark.

Anonymous said…

I guess the key to a happy marriage is allowing your husband to fuck man he wants to. Beotch please!!!!!


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