Preview: Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch The Throne”

On July 8, 2011, Jay-Z hosted an intimate listening session for the looming, game changing, genre bending Hip-Hop opus Watch The Throne. Roughly 20 people were invited to the exclusive event, which interestingly enough included the two teenage New Yorkers that purchased the first two copies of the album on’s preorder. They were there along with their parents, who were gracious enough to tolerate a long evening for the sake of their kids. Where to begin? There was so much to absorb of the evening so I’ll write this similar to the way Watch The Throne was crafted…free-flowing and without rules.

There were some ground rules for the session though. 1) No live tweeting. We could say we were there and that’s about it. One journo from The Fader was kicked out with the swiftness for tweeting specifics. 2) No quoting exact lyrics in write ups. Why? Because, although we heard a lot, Watch The Throne is not finished. Lyrics may change. 3) No specific song titles. They aren’t set either.

So, here is the song-by-song rundown of Watch The Throne.

Song # 1

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bad meets evil…’bout damned time..


beh!nd the curta!n

!llmind gives you his Top 5 reasons to put your money up and cop his new album.]

1. Beats By !ll

The first reason I think people out there should cop it is just because it’s an album of straight, pure beats. There aren’t too many instrumental albums out right now being released on an indie or a major level. I think the game kind of needed a project like this. It needed an album of spaced out beats without taking the focus off anything else but the producer. It’s just a way to give an appreciation toward the production side of hip-hop. So that’s the first reason.

2. Extended Play

The second reason you should pick it up is because it’s something different. It’s not your usual instrumental album. I’ve included the stems to each track on this album, which hasn’t been done before. Basically, in addition to buying the album, you’re getting each instrument in .wav format of each beat. So you get all the drums, the snares, the kicks, all the piano sounds and some of the breaks that I use. You get all that individually in audio format when you purchase the album.

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WATCH THE THRONE coming soon


The Top 40: AllHipHop’s Best Albums Of 2010

Real talk, if you didn’t find what you were looking for in Hip-Hop during the course of 2010, then that’s your fault.  Some where easy to locate and others required some digging, but everything was present.  Hardcore, pop, girl rap, thug rap, old school, new school, creative, typical, lyrical, mystical, visual…it was close to being a Hip-Hop miracle.  Renaissance certainly comes to mind. Even though the overall Hip-Hip community couldn’t seem to agree on what was what, the AllHipHop Team got together and hammered out the Top 40 Albums of 2010.  It wasn’t easy and we didn’t agree all the time, but the list got finished.  Here it is. 

Compiled and written by THE BORG: Gina Torres, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, Steve Raze, Seandra Sims, Jake Crates and “Grouchy” Greg Watkins.

The list is in no particular order…or is it…

#1 Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West did it all this year, love it or loathe it. The rapper prevailed as the most rebellious, creative and exciting artist of the year. Simply put, while others were doing the norm, Kanye simply didn’t give a f**k – about anything but the art of his music. There was a lot of hullabaloo from so-called real HIp-Hop fans, but Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy embodied everything that Hip-Hop is. A lovely nightmare to America.

#2 J. Cole – Friday Night Lights

Of all those in the emerging brave, new generation, J. Cole is the one that has yet to have his day. Friday Night Lights, although technically a mixtape, is a gleaming example of what the North Carolinian emcee weilds in his pen. The opus offered commercial love joints with Drake and also hood rites of passage like “2Face.” Definitely one of the most enjoyable albums, which should continue to give well into 2011.

#3 Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

This year Big Boi jumped out on his own and released his long awaited debut solo project. Despite the delayed release due to conflicts with Jive, the project debuted on the US Billboard 200, selling over 62,000 copies in its first week of its release. Delivering greasy lyrics, using varied and rapid rhyme schemes , Big Boi didn’t fail to impress with this project. The ATLein featured classic funky Outkast production and appearances by Andre 3000, Scott Storch, T.I. Sleepy Brown, Yelawolf, Gucci Mane, Jaime Foxx, Janelle Monae, George Clinton, Too Short and B.o.B. to name a few but, one can only wonder when the next Outkast project will be coming out.

# 4 – Rick Ross – Teflon Don

Rick Ross solidified his star status in 2010.  With the release of his fourth studio album, Teflon Don, arguably one of the best albums of the year, Ross continues to raise the stakes in Hip-Hop.   His summer banger, “BMF,” dominated the airwaves and had everyone from your mama to your baby cousin thinking they were Big Meech or Larry Hoover.  For someone who starts his album off with the track “I’m Not a Star”, Ross is indeed the polar opposite.   
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Review: Kanye West’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’


This is the album that we have been hearing about for months.  Anyone that was “anybody” had leaked comments to the rest of us about how good it was – how ‘Ye was back – and how this album cleared his name.  

One year ago Kanye West was an exiled American name.  Now?  He has returned with a crash that has shaken the Hip Hop world; G.O.O.D Fridays has upped the benchmark for established artists everywhere.  “You cannot deny a hit record” – this is a saying that Kanye West should very well live by.  

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a true testament to Kanye’s magnificent ability to craft and create music.

MBDTF is Mr. West’s fourth studio album – and may very well be his best.  The self-entitled “Dark Fantasy opens the album softly; acting as a scapegoat for the gritty, hard, The Infamous-esque beat that soon follows.  The song escalates throughout as Kanye’s verses grow increasingly smarter and impetuous.  (Kanye’s rhymes have become brasher and sharper while still retaining its lyrical value).    

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Full Clip: Redman Runs Down His Entire Catalogue

By: kmurphy Posted 11-22-2010 2:21 pm    Redman is the consummate lyricist’s lyricist. It’s been that way since the EPMD protégé made his album debut with 1992’s classic Whut? Thee Album. Throughout his nearly 20 year-career, the New Jersey MC has taken his wild, irreverent, hilarious, and at times smoked-out rhymes to the masses. The underground MC that made good never forgot his two-fisted ‘hood star beginnings, even when he became a household name appearing on a pop smash with Christina Aguilera (“Dirrty”) and starring alongside partner-in-rhyme Method Man in the 2001’s Hollywood cult comedy hit How High. Now the undaunted MC, who has been praised by everyone from Eminem to Ludacris, is set to drop his new release Reggie on December 7th. In between, there are plenty of stories to tell. And Redman gives more than a hit.—Keith Murphy

“Hardcore”–EPMD feat. Redman (1991)

“It all started at this club called Sensations, which was one of the biggest hip-hop clubs in New Jersey. Everybody went to it on Friday and Saturday…even out-of-towners went there. I was Djing for DoItAll of Lords Of The Underground at the time and this was in 1990. I was cutting everybody’s record from Rakim to Big Daddy Kane and I rapped on the side. So, MC Lyte was supposed to perform one night and I was going to stay home [because I had something to do.] But they told me, ‘Nah, man. Come out.’ We went down there and Lyte ended up canceling and EPMD performed. Now when I first heard EPMD’s first joint ‘You Gots to Chill‘ and later ‘So Whatcha Sayin’?’ I said, ‘I can do this!’ Right before they performed we went to the back room and talked to them. And one of the Dj’s told EPMD, ‘Yo, he’s a DJ, but he spits too.’ So they asked me to spit and ten minutes later I’m onstage with EPMD rapping!’

My boys are looking at me like what the fuck is this nigga doing? [laughs]. What is going on with this kid right here?’ Erick Sermon says, ‘Yeah, this is my new artist coming out.’ And I stopped and looked at him onstage like, ‘ Are you serious, nigga? I actually walked into this shit?!!!’ The ill part about this is I was letting my boy handle the business. At the end of the show, we went to the back of the dressing room where E was giving me his number. My hand goes to meet his hand but my boy’s hand comes in between and gets the number. But I’m like, ‘Cool.’ Because he was handling my business. But let me tell you something. Within that moment that the number was being passed I saw the paper and memorized the last seven digits. I figured the area code was Long Island. Continue reading

the 7th seal

nice ass album –  haters lick me low.


ready to die 1994

Artist: Notorious B.I.G.
Art Direction: The Drawing Board
Photographer: Butch Bel Air
Label: Bad Boy

Though the similarities to Illmatic earned the artwork some detractors—Nas’ homies Rae and Ghost called out Big in a Cuban Linx skit for his shark-toothed biting—time has proven the Ready To Die artwork to be an incredibly strong image in its own right. It turns out that the kid on the cover was neither Biggie himself, nor any relative. It was just a random baby.


‘erb music…devin the dude

dtd 1    dtd 2    dtd 3


  • behind da barz

    --------the chemicals R identical, we're one & the same / with 7 letters in all 3 of my government names / walked on water, nah, neither did jesus / its a parable to make followers & readers believers--------i gave her my honorable discharge & she took it like a soldier--------what's a black beetle anyway, a fuckin roach-------she told the director she tryna get in a school-he said "take them glasses off and get in the pool"---------what ya'll call swag to me is faggotry-------my outfit so disrespectful / u go 'head n sneeze let my presence bless u--------its quite amazing that u rhyme like u do / & how u shine like u grew up in a shrine in peru-------its hard fuckin with niggaz u hope u can trust / ure a fool if ure main bitch is easy to fuck--------beyond the walls of intelligence life is divine / i think of crime when im in a new york state of mind - ------THE WAY SOME ACT IN RAP IS KINDA WACK / IT LACKS CREATIVITY & INTELLIGENCE / BUT THEY DON'T CARE BECAUSE THEIR COMPANY IS SELLING IT / ITS MY PHILOSOPHY ON THE INDUSTRY--------From days I wasn't "Abel/able", there was always "Cain/caine-------know how to leave anything in 30 seconds / when you feel the heat coming & flee with the murder weapon--------ayo my silent moments' loud as the crack of thunder / my hunger like the crocodile that attacked the hunter-------i'm something between platinum & flop, underground & mainstream / conscious, backpack, scratch dat; same thing---------this phiscal year im'a stay hot, buzzin / wit dudes that help me shoot like a-rod's cousin-------i fight chicks who bite dicks / give 'em lock-jaw then make 'em fight pits ------all we see is terrorism on telievision ------i'm da illest nigga alive watch me prove it / i'll snatch your crown with your head still attatched to it ------slap your face till your head ache your neck break / the next day slash your throat thru the neckbrace ------ I'm ahead of the game, ahead of these lames / I'm a head case, the head nurse gets me better with brain ------ure now dealin with da kid who heat-holds & reloads / like god gave him a gta ammunition cheat-code ------once upon a time i used to grind all night / with dat coke residue that was ipod white ------ --i took trips with so much shit in the whip / that if the cops pulled us over the dogs would get sick (sniff) ------ i put my lifetime in between the paper's lines / i'm da quiet storm nigga who fight rhyme ------brain cells are lit ideas start to hit / next the formation of words dat fit / at da table i sit making it legit / when my pen hits da paper...aah shit -------i save money while u spendin ure doe / i must stash like da hair between your lip & your nose ------age don't count in the booth / when your flow stayed submerged in the fountain of youth -------when i'm writing i'm trapped in between the lines / i escape when i finish da rhyme - ------if we can't eat together then u aint my mans / so when u see me in da streets dont shake my hand- -----money is da root of all evil / dats why u always gotta now where u stand with your people--------i can show u how to gamble your money, handle a gun / & be a family man & go home to your sun- -------black diamonds in my jesus-piece / MY GOD-------its like da ball be over the plate & they dont call it a strike- ------i'm a gangsta & a gentleman, show you both sides of the coin / knife at your throat-gun at your groin- --------my testimonial be "death to a phony mc / you wanna impress me, show me a ki--------lord knows what homey would do if i showed him da 9 / a one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind--------on da road to riches & diamond rings / in the land of the blind a man with one eye is the king--------you lack the minerals & vitamins, iron & the niacin--------stares get exchanged then the 5th come out / the tough guy disappears then the bitch come out--------if you got a bith you dont argue with dat bitch / you dont listen to dat bitch all you do is fuck dat bitch-------know da bitch b4 you call yourself lovin it / nogga wit a benz fuckin it------went from $20Gs for blow to $30gs a show / to orgies wit hoes i never seen befo'-------i'm intelectual; passed more essays / than police motorcade parades thru east l.a.-------DEAD IN THE MIDDLE OF LITTLE ITALY LITTLE DID WE KNOW / WE RIDDLED SOME MIDDLE-MAN WHO DIDN'T DO DIDDLY-------visualizing the realism of life in actuality / fuck who's da baddest; a person's status depends on salary-------mechanical movement, understandable smooth shit / that murderers move with-the thief's theme--------DEEP LIKE "THE SHINING" SPARKLE LIKE A DIAMOND / SNEAK AN UZI ON DA ISLAND IN MY ARMY JACKET LINING / HIT THE EARTH LIKE A COMET - INVASION / NAS IS LIKE THE AFRO-CENTRIC ASIAN; ½ MAN, ½ AMAZING-------& why certainly i'm squirtin / bust a nut then get up & wipe my dick on your curtain-------walk by your casket & spit in your face--------i know how to get my peers off me / make 'em cry & die from high blood-pressure cuz tears are salty-------i'm not trying to give you love & affection / i'm tryna give you 60 seconds of erection / then im'a give you cab fare & directions / get your independent ass outta here - question?---------black cat is bad luck; bad guys wear black / must've been a white guy who started all that--------either you're slinging crack-rocks or you got a wicked jumpshot--------all us blacks got is sports & entertainment--------2 many athletes, actors & rappers / but not enough niggaz at nasa - ------why did bush knock down the towers?--------I REACT LIKE MIKE / ANY ONE TY-SON, JOR-DAN, JACK-SON / action, pack gunz, ridiculous--------all the teachers couldn't reach me & my mom couldn't beat me / hard enough to make up for my pop not seeing me---------kings from queens, from queens comes kings / we're raising hell like a class when the lunch bell rings---------excuse me miss, can i give you a minute? / may i buy you a glass of ice with liquor in it?--------what goes around comes around i figure / now we got white kids calling themselves nigga / the tables turn as the crosses burn...---------YOU LOVE TO HEAR THE STORY AGAIN & AGAIN / OF HOW IT ALL GOT STARTED WAY BACK WHEN--------i guess they got a grudge cause i won't budge / playin tough, staring down the judge with my hands cuffed---------A CHILD IS BORN WITH NO STATE OF MIND / BLIND TO THE WAYS OF MANKIND--------who shot biggie smalls? if we don't get them they gon' get us all / i'm down to run up pn them crackers in their city hall----------its kinda hard to be optimistic / when your homey is laying dead in a casket----------they say the blacker the berry; the sweeter the juice / i say the darker the flesh; then the deeper the roots---------i took your breath away then we'd perform cpr---------there's no real way it can be explained / i guess its just the way i smile when i hear your name--------CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME / C.R.E.A.M. GET THE MONEY, DOLLAR DOLLAR BILL Y'AAAAALL------------see I’m a poet to some, a regular modern day shakespeare / jesus christ the king of these latter day saints here / To shatter the picture in which of that as they paint me as / a monger of hate and satan a scatter-brained atheist--------i remember marvin gaye used to sing to me / he had me feeling like black was the thing to be------------this be that put-you-out-your-misery song / that makes you ask your man 'is this the joint he's dissin me on?'---------foul all your life now ure 90 / on ure death bed u regret being grimey---------INDUSTRY RULE #4080, RECORD COMPANY PEOPLE ARE SHAAADYYYY / so kids watch your back cause i think they smoke crack---------society's a weak excuse for a man-----------planet earth my place of birth / born to be the sole controller of the universe---------the mic had my prints, on on it was a body---------a squealer tells, but the dealer still sells---------some young male put in jail / lawyer so good his bail was on sale----------i'm just takin a piss......unless you're gonna do it----------fuck street clothes, we thug it out in tuxedos / stomp niggaz with hard bottoms in casinos--------people higher up have the lowest self-esteem / & the prettiest people do the ugliest things-----------IF YOU ADMIRE SOMEONE YOU SHOULD GO 'HEAD & TELL 'EM / PEOPLE NEVER GET THE ROSES WHILE THEY CAN STILL SMELL 'EM-----------goddamn, what a nigga gotta do to make a million / without the fbi catching feelings--------i got a story to tell / in these streets we got drugs & guns for sale---------we keep the nine tucked chop dimes up rap about it / wild out fuck niggaz up laugh about it---------- read between tha lines of ya eyes and ya brows / ya handshake aint matchin ya smile---------what the fuck i rap for? to push a fuckin rav-4?-------fuck all the glamour & glitz, i plan to get rich / i'm from new york & never was a fan of the knicks----------the white boy blossomed after dre endorsed him / his flow on renegade-fuckin awesome...applaud him-------before i start you know i gotta / pay homage & respects to afrika bambaata---------DRUGS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS / MONEY IS THE KEY TO SEX------i pimped my crib so i must exhibit------- I - WILL - NOT - LOSE !
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