Atheists of Reddit:Can you explain to me why the idea of a God is so unbelievable to you?

I guess what I want to know is why do you guys find it so hard to believe in the idea of a God? I’m assuming a lot of you believe in string theory, or at least the plausibility of string theory, and the idea of a multiverse. But if there are an infinite amount of universes, making any scenario possible in at least one of them, wouldn’t that mean that one of them would have to have an all powerful God? And if this God is all powerful, wouldn’t he have domain over all of the universes? Or, more simply, what about the idea of a deity turns you away? Thankyou for your answers in advance.

A lack of evidence in favor of said conclusion.

I think you’ll find that most atheists won’t say that it is impossible that any god exists but that they think it’s incredibly unlikely that the god of the bible exists given that the bible is so scientifically and historically inaccurate and it seems odd that he would care so much about my penis.

There are people who “swear by the historical and accuracy” of every single religious book out there, ever – even though they contradict each other (and themselves). They are what we in the business call “wrong.”                Heck, there are people who swear by the accuracy of Fox News too…something that just makes me swear, period.

There has never been a single iota of verifiable proof of any deity of any type interfering in our universe. Natural laws of physics prove themselves over and over again.                  

So, the possibility of a “hands-off” deity still exists. But, modern cosmology and evolutionary theory give us an explanation for how the universe formed from a very simple accumulation of energy (the Big Bang). We can easily infer, from basic information theory, that it is arbitrarily more likely that this simple energy “just existed” than it is that an exceedingly complex deity “just existed” and created the simple energy and set it in motion.                     Through those two observations, one cannot absolutely prove the non-existence of a god. But, you can prove it to an arbitrary confidence interval, which means that I am just as confident that there is no god than I am that the Earth revolves around the Sun, or that if I jump, I will accelerate towards the Earth at about 9.8 meters per second per second (minus wind resistance, of course). That’s good enough, in my book.

I don’t think the idea of god is unbelieveable, I just think it’s sad to credit everything to a god when we still have perfectly good science to test things out and find out what’s really going on. It just seems like a cop-out to me.

Each god refutes all the other gods that went before…

I don’t necessarily disbelieve of a supernatural being putting things in motion but I have a very hard time with humans’ perception of who or what a God is. I don’t subscribe to their definition and arbitrary rules.

Equally possible then, are there universes where I’m an all powerful god?

I’ve read a few Michio Kaku books, but beyond that, I don’t know anything about quantum physics.

What I do know is that everything that I’ve observed and everything I’ve understood other people have observed and every science experiment that is carried out properly can be repeated and all of this happens without any outside interference at all.

Everything can be explained without gods.          There were things 50 years ago that we couldn’t explain that we can explain now. There’s no doubt in my mind that that things we don’t understand now will be explained in the near future. And none of it takes any intervention from any god-like being.        How we came to be here? Very likely solved. How the Earth goes around the Sun? Got it. How to build buildings so they don’t fall down in earthquakes? No sweat. How to predict the path of hurricanes? Getting better. How hurricanes work? We know. Gravity? More or less. Evolution? Yep, pretty much have all our bases covered.           And the best thing is, there’s new stuff cropping up all the time. And none of it needs gods. I don’t need the stories told by bronze age people to guide my life. My life is guided just fine by everything around me. There’s nothing so miraculous in it. It just works because it works (and sometimes doesn’t work) all without a single hand guiding it.        It’s beautiful.          An indifferent or cruel god smirking over it would just cheapen everything.

 There is no evidence of a God. Science has proven religious concepts false in many areas already.

Unexplained and Inexplicable are not the same thing.             Besides, as far as proof of god, that’s a losing game for you to get into. Once, science couldn’t explain lighting – so a god was said to toss lighting bolts. It couldn’t explain the movements of the sun – so gods were said to move a ball of fire across the sky. It couldn’t explain…  …you get the idea. The fact is that this is an endless retreat for the “god” explanation, to the point these days that believers are forced to bring up quirky little questions of advanced physics to assign to the “you can’t explain it, therefore God!” category.                   And there’s only one way an endless retreat like that can end up.

The vaguer the definition, the more pointless the belief.

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